We at Sierra believe that business performance can best be accelerated by accessing the knowledge and experience of others. Our principals have been board members and senior officers of both large and small companies in the roles of CEO, COO, CFO and CIO. We frequently act as mentors to clients at those levels providing our backgrounds to supplement those of our clients. Our experience ranges from billion dollar public companies to startup companies we have founded and sold or taken public.

The mentoring role is one of partnership, typically with clients who are facing new opportunities, positions or challenges with which they are not completely familiar. A mentor who has faced such new circumstances can be invaluable in quickly providing knowledge, background and perspective to meet those challenges. A mentor can:

  • Offer a different & impartial perspective on your opportunities and challenges.
  • Bring a broad and unique perspective of life and business.
  • Look at your business from a distance and help you focus on your goals and plans.
  • Identify strategies and opportunities for growth.
  • Offer a non-judgmental relationship.
  • Develop your problem solving abilities.
  • Widen your network of business contacts.
  • Act as a sounding board for ideas and plans.
  • Build confidence.
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