Business Needs Assessment

All solutions begin with an accurate assessment of the current business situation.

Depending on the nature of the business and its specific situation, assessments can range from a focused review of a specific part of an organization to a broad and comprehensive evaluation of the organization and management team.

Sierra has years of experience with customer relationship audits, financial analysis and evaluations of business processes, information requirements, applications and the technology infrastructure supporting them.

We also have the tools and knowledge to perform a broad assessment of management, operations and effectiveness.

In most organizations information is stored in one or more databases. These databases may be software applications an organization purchases or proprietary applications developed to meet the unique needs of an organization. Information systems that meet the organization’s specific needs are critical to success.

Whatever your needs, our seasoned professionals can quickly and cost effectively identify root causes of business challenges as well as core strengths and opportunities.

Strategic Performance Assessment

This tool is a comprehensive online tool that is based on the best practices exhibited by successful organizations. It measures organizational performance and effectiveness in 35 key areas of your business. Utilizing “360 input” from the leader, managers, staff, board
of directors and even customers, the assessment is designed to reflect key drivers for your business and measure your performance in business operations, leadership and cultural areas. It also measures the degree of consensus within and between groups in your organization and identifies areas that are perceived to be “high impact” and “low performance”.

The assessment features a complete set of reports including a “Performance Index” that quantifies overall performance, an executive summary that quickly identifies areas of focus for the organization, a series of organizational “Report Cards” that focus on specific areas of the organization and “Spider Charts” that compare your organization with thousands of organizations in the best practices database. Results are used to identify key issues, set goals, define solutions and develop action plans to improve performance. Scores represent unbiased metrics that can be used to evaluate organization improvement over time.

Behavioral Assessment

These profiles are computer based assessment tools used to discover the behaviors, attitudes and values that individuals use when applying their skills and knowledge in their work environment. The tools describe”how” and “why” people do things. Learning about behavioral styles will help employees understand themselves and others, and enhance professional relationships. Employees learn how to interact with others and to appreciate other behavioral styles within the organization or with customers and suppliers. Managers learn how to recruit, manage, reward and retain key employees.

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